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Several Sizes to Fit You

Suit-Up with A Flexible Platform That Adjusts to Your Workforce Needs

Save Money on Labor Costs
Increase Sales and Performance
Grow Your Reputation

Schedule for Success

Use performance and Sales data to auto-schedule best-performing teams together
Easily shift staff between locations and positions to fill in gaps on the fly
Schedule according to predicted bursts in demand, foot-traffic or online orders

Create a Connected Workforce

Centralize communication and build relationships across stores, roles and departments
Send relevant updates to specific teams or to your entire workforce
Align everyone with brand policies so that they feel a part of your bigger picture
Share tasks and checklists among teams for shift preparation

Stay Compliant, Be Fair

Make sure your workforce takes breaks, time-off and doesn’t over-work themselves

Abide by changing, local employment laws, built-in to the system

Distribute work evenly and fairly between team members

Become an Employer of Choice by embracing Fair Workweek guidelines

Find Your Workforce's Perfect Fit

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