Goodbye Schedule Shenanigans, Hello Symphonic Scheduling

Your days of multi-channel communications, back-tracking requests, and playing a torturous game of ever-changing scheduling sudoku are over

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Key Features


Communicate your needs easily and effectively

  • Send out daily, weekly or monthly availability-checks to your entire workforce with a click of a button.
  • Reach all employees at the same time, fair and square.
  • Keep up with change requests and manage shift swapping easily.
  • Make sure everyone is up-to-date with shift-related need-to-knows such as locations, policies and specific expectations.

You’ve got the smarts, you’ve got the tools

  • Drag and drop functionality enables you to play around with your placements before you publish them.
  • Receive recommendations and tips for building your schedule based on past performance.
  • Look ahead to the next week, month, or year and address staffing needs before they become urgent.

Not into manual nitty-gritty? Shift gears to fully automatic

  • Create templates for recurring shifts.
  • Fill your timetable with a click of a button.
  • Receive alerts and notifications when a planned schedule contradicts rules and policies you’ve set up.
Optimize employee engagement
Avoid understaffing, overstaffing, and other scheduling snafus
Increase your operational agility and efficiency
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Ubeya saves us time, which in turn saves us money. It also takes away a lot of human error and repetitiveness, and allows our staff to keep track of their work easily.

Seth Whalen, CEO & Founder, PTL Events

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* 14 day trial, full functionality
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