It’s a Matter of Time

When time is of the essence and the essence is your workforce’s time, you need a solution that is clear, current and connected.


Key Features

Simply put, track-time simply

  • Review, modify and approve your teams’ clock-ins and outs, breaks and time totals
  • Select and toggle between views that work best for you. Present the data by date, by role, by employee or filter it by groups of interest, and get a summary of the information you need
  • Dive deeper into the numbers with dedicated reports and visual graphs
  • Enable automated clock-out suggestions and notifications

Flexible & dynamic, yes, but always in-sync 

  • Turn any device into a time tracking assistant, and provide your team with a wealth of clock in options – on their personal mobile phones, dedicated tablets, wearable watches or computers
  • Combine the power of Ubeya Scheduling with Ubeya Timesheet to get more insights and knowledge into how your team is performing and how the actual schedules compare to planned scenarios
  • Receive and approve vacation, PTO and sick leave requests through the Workforce App and straight to your dashboard

Take control of your time

  • Restrict the places, times and days your employees can clock-in
  • Manage work-days at a company, team, branch or employee level
  • Get notified in real-time when someone is running late
  • Stay compliant with automated alerts based on local, state and business-specific employment laws. Know when someone is reaching overtime, working irregular hours, hasn’t taken a break or is working from a distant location
Promote a culture of transparency. With proper time-tracking and real-time calculations, everyone knows what to expect at the end of the month
Eliminate dependency on dated hardware and location-specificity, you and your team are free to manage time with the tools and devices you already use
Forget about forgetfulness, Ubeya makes sure everyone updates things in a timely manner
Ubeya saves us time, which in turn saves us money. It also takes away a lot of human error and repetitiveness, and allows our staff to keep track of their work easily.
Seth Whalen
CEO & Founder
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The time is now!

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