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<purple-text>So Compliant<purple-text>, It Should Be Illegal

Find the happy medium between workforce laws and organizational excellence
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Make your company an equal, inclusive and safe place to work while managing different employment types - without breaking a sweat. 

Achieve - and maintain - compliance with Ubeya.

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Create Cross-Functional Alignment
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Put safety first by ensuring health policies and changing workplace laws are met
Comply with new legislation and regulations directly through the system with customizable fields and automatic updates
Record all contracts and activities with detailed documentation and pre-built features to track and edit
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Create clear, uniform updates regarding instructions, requirements and policies
Provide proactive push-notifications to address urgent issues and last-minute changes
Collaborate with all individuals, teams and departments with logged and tracked messages
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Did You Know?

57% of companies say the administrative burden posed by the healthcare reform law is their biggest issue.

On Track, <orange-text>On Budget<orange-text>

Collect instant data about when an employee reaches overtime or works irregular hours
Reduce payroll errors with automatic synchronization with timesheets
Streamline approval processes for requests, expenses and reimbursements

Ubeya was built to help you <purple-text>create a tomorrow-ready workforce<purple-text>, scaling as your company grows, and helping you and your workforce adapt and evolve to a constantly changing workplace environment

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