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Develop an <purple-text>Outstanding Team<purple-text>, Not Balance

Maximize profitability and reduce costs without compromising business performance
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Don’t waste your time and energy on phone calls, messy paper timesheets, manual payroll calculations, and costly changes in demand.  

A numbers expert like you deserves a number one tool to help you get it all done.

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Improve Process Efficiency
Reduce Labor Costs
Forecast Resources

Max Efficiency, Always <orange-text>On Budget<orange-text>

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Assign workforce distribution based on key performance indicators
Accurately predict labor needs to match business demands
Avoid overstaffing and understaffing with instant responses to scheduling changes
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It’s About Time <purple-text>(and Attendance)<purple-text>

Effortlessly manage leave, absenteeism and requests throughout all company divisions
Capture accurate time data that confirms an employee’s identity and location
Provide instant notifications to address urgent issues like no-shows, overtime and more
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Did You Know?

Businesses that utilize solutions with synchronized timekeeping and payroll are 44% less likely to commit errors.

<orange-text>No Payin’,<orange-text> No Gain

Synchronize payroll with timesheets across all departments and locations
Create a streamlined approval process for requests, reimbursements and last-minute changes
Ensure employees are paid correctly for their time with exact shift-time captured

<purple-text>Achieve even greater success<purple-text> by integrating your payroll, invoicing and POS systems for streamlined, efficient automation

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